The visuals have become iconic. The leather jacket, the stubble, the jukebox and more.

It was 1987 that we first heard the opening guitar strum of the song "Faith."

George Michael had split with fellow Wham! band mate, Andrew Ridgeley and decided to go solo.

"Faith" gave us such pop hits as; "Father Figure," "One More Try" and "Monkey."

We got a taste of the album a few months earlier, while sitting in a theater, watching Eddie Murphy's "Axel Foley"  in Beverly Hills Cop II.  Blaring through the theater's speaker system we heard, "I Want Your Sex." A song that was protested by a lot of radio listeners in the U.S. The Song was very taboo for it's time.

The Album "Faith" went on to become one of the biggest albums of the later half of the 80's.

Now, Sony BMG Entertainment has decided it's time to give the album the "delux" treatment.

On February 1st, you will be able to purchase the box set.

Here's what you get:

From Sony Digital Music

Box Set includes

  • Faith Remastered
  • Bonus CD of remastered B sides and mixes
  • DVD featuring 'George Michael & Jonathan Ross Have Words' Faith TV special from 1987 plus Music Money Love Faith original promotional film and all 7 promo videos remastered
  • 60 page hardback book including exclusive interview with George Michael, sleeve notes plus rare photos
  • Faith vinyl album
  • Memorabilia envelope including 10x8 prints, replica tour tickets, pass and poster all taken from George Michael's personal archive.

The bad news is that this box set doesn't come cheap, you're looking at dropping over $100  for the set. But, if you're a hardcore George Michael Fan, it will be worth the money.