April 4th, first president to die in office, this did not live long and prosper, a match made in entertainment.

1841-America's 9th president, WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON, succumbed to pneumonia just ONE MONTH after his inauguration, becoming the first U.S. president to DIE IN OFFICE.

1902 - The RHODES SCHOLARSHIP began when Cecil Rhodes left $10 MILLION in his will to fund non-British students studying at Oxford University in England.

1964 - THE BEATLES made music history by holding the TOP FIVE spots on "Billboard's" Hot 100 chart with:  #1.)  "Can't Buy Me Love", #2.)  "Twist & Shout", #3.)  "She Loves You", #4.)  "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and #5.)  "Please Please Me".

1968 - DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. was shot and killed on the balcony of a Memphis hotel.  Riots broke out in over 100 American cities, leaving 39 dead.

1969 - "Star Trek" was canceled by NBC after 79 brilliant and cutting-edge episodes.

1975 - MICROSOFT was founded as a partnership between BILL GATES and PAUL ALLEN in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1981 - HENRY CISNEROS became the first elected MEXICAN-AMERICAN MAYOR of a major U.S. city (San Antonio, Texas).

1992 - "Entertainment Tonight" host JOHN TESH married  CONNIE SELLECCA.

1993 - At "Wrestlemania 9", BRET "THE HITMAN" HART put  YOKOZUNA into a Sharpshooter but after Yoko's manager, MR. FUJI, threw salt in Bret's eyes, Yoko rolled on top of The Hitman and won the WWF Title.

(--His title reign lasted approximately two minutes because HULK HOGAN ran down to the ring, took up a challenge from Mr. Fuji and pinned Yokozuna.)

2006 - Vikings quarterback DAUNTE CULPEPPER dodged the proverbial bullet when all charges against him were dropped due to lack of evidence for his part in the Minnesota Vikings SEX BOAT scandal.