You have a great job. You even have good benefits. One of those being sick days. Do you use them? Or are you one of those that goes to work, sick or not?

It is that time of year and more than likely you will come down with a cold, or in worse situations even the flu. When that happens what do you do? Do you get to the doctor and then go home to crawl into bed?

It seems that 90% of us go to work anyway. Maybe not all of the time but a time or two you do. There are a bunch of us that ALWAYS go to work no matter how bad they feel.

Why do we do that? A lot of us feel that we just have too much work to do. If you take a sick day you feel you will never catch up. So you just suck it up and go on in.

I do not recommend doing this if you are contagious. I mean nothing is worse than knowing your co-worker went to work with the flu and now we are all sharing the germs. One by one another one gets sick. A never ending cycle.

It seems another reason we don't miss work is we don't want to burn a sick day. I mean you worry that you might need it more later so you want to save it. That is especially true of places that let you carry over your sick time.

How about you? Do you take a sick day? Do you just go on to work because in the long run it is just easier? Comment below.

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