When it comes to gas, the price has been ridiculous.   It seems that every time we turn around the price is creeping up again.  It is sad when we get excited that gas is $3.13 per gallon.  Oh to see the days of gas under $3 per gallon would be great, but it doesn't look like that will happen again.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Apparently the national average for gas prices have been over $3 per gallon for 1,000 days.  That's almost 3years.

According to an article on the AAA website:

“Paying less than $3.00 per gallon for gasoline may be automotive history for most Americans, like using 8-track tapes or going to a drive-in movie,” said Bob Darbelnet, President and CEO of AAA. “The reality is that expensive gas is here to stay, which is tough on millions of people who need a car to live their lives. While a few lucky drivers may occasionally pay less than $3.00 per gallon, the national average is likely to remain more costly into the future.”


Today's national average is $3.50 per gallon.  It's about $3.39 here in Amarillo, with the cheapest being $3.22 per gallon at Sam's Club.

So how do you handle the rising cost of gas?  I remember the day when I could fill my gas tank up on $10, but then again gas was under $1.

Goodness, those were the days.

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