What happens when you’re one of the biggest movie stars in the world, you have a ton of money, and have six kids with your partner, Angelina Jolie? You think about quitting the industry.

Brad Pitt recently told the Australian ’60 Minutes’ exactly that. After 20 years, Pitt doesn’t seem as excited by the acting process anymore and thinks that there are other things he’d rather do with his time. He’ll be 50 at that point and would like to have even more kids with Jolie.

He’s also not thrilled with the attention his fame brought him, the paparazzi stories and the gossip in the magazines and on television. “I don’t think the world is that interested,” Pitt says. “I think it sells some publications.”

There was a time when Pitt couldn’t handle the fame and he “sequestered” himself behind his gated home and simply didn’t deal with it. But he reached a point where that wasn’t fun anymore, so he decided to live with it.

When asked what he would do if he does decide to quit acting in three years, Pitt said “Hell if I know.” He is interested, though, in the behind-the-scenes work, producing and putting stories together.

If Pitt officially leaves acting in three years, he still has just enough time to do one or two more of the ‘Ocean’s’ films with George Clooney, right?

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