I was looking for a movie to watch over the weekend and had been toying with seeing the A-Team.

When it was released in theaters the critics didn't give it much merit, so I wasn't sure if it would be a good rental.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised that it was a pretty good movie. Keep in mind the subject matter.

There is a scene where the A-Team parachutes a tank out of a big plane and that was one issue the critics had. Claiming that it was completely impossible for a scenario like that to happen.

I got to thinking-the A-Team of the 80's was all about impossible scenarios. Did you ever notice that with all the gunfire, car and truck rollovers and explosions that NEVER ONCE did we ever see any blood?

If you're looking for a good bit of escapism and a popcorn movie, then the A-Team should be on your A-List of movies to check out.

Nice cameos from Dirk Benedict; the original Face and Dwight Schultz; the original Murdock.

Nice back story on how the team was formed and why B.A. is afraid of flying. Oh, and look for the cameo of the black & red GMC truck.