Speed Dating A Book
Have you ever participated in a speed dating event?  Well this isn't one of those dating events.  If you love to read and you are always asking yourself and other people.  What should I read next?  Have you read any good books lately?  Are you asking your Facebook frien…
Rowling Says She Got It Wrong
Recently Emma Watson interviewed author J.K. Rowling for an issue of Wonderland Magazine and admits that 'Hermione should have wed Harry.'
Needless to say this has caused an uproar with some Harry Potter fans.
My Top 3 Favorite Books of the Summer
As you know I have been on a reading kick.  Yes, I found my love for reading again. I don't even watch TV anymore.  It's all about a good book.  So in the last few weeks that I have been reading.  Keep in mind, I'm catching up on some books that have been out awhil…

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