Life Hacks

What Do People Want On Valentine's Day?
Only 51% of Americans are planning to celebrate Valentine's day, and that's down from an all-time high 2007, according to a new survey. Are we less in love or are people sitting out a made-up holiday?
How to Change Toilet Paper
We have all been there, we have walked into the bathroom to find an empty toilet paper roll.  What's even worse is there is a full roll very near to the toilet.  So really how hard can it be to change the toilet paper.
Life Hack Test
Do you like to garden?  Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a shovel but didn't have one?  Maybe you're kid is playing in the sand box and wants a shovel.  You don't have a shovel, but you have a gallon jug, what do you do?  You make a shovel out of …
Life Hack Testing
Let's face it, the mosquitoes are horrible this year.  With all the rain we have had, they are every where.  It never dawned on me just how many people are allergic to these tiny little beasts.  So it is important to make sure you are covered with protection when you are in the outdoors.  I found a …
Cardboard Planters
When it comes to starting seedlings for the garden you have to buy a lot of those dirt pods and expand them and what not.  We have a cool little life hack where you can reuse your paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls to plant your seedlings.

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