Life Hacks

Life Hack Testing
Have you ever had to start a fire, but you didn't have any matches or a lighter?  Well we have a life hack to test that uses a battery and a gum wrapper to start a fire.
Life Hack Test: Eliminating Granola Bar Crumbs
I love to eat those Nature Valley Oats and Honey Granola Bars.  However, I don't love looking like I rolled in a vat of oats once I'm done eating.  So someone told me about a way to have the granola bar and not worry about the crumbs.  So I decided to test this life hack.
Life Hack: Cleaning Microwave
Cleaning the microwave is never a fun chore.  It is even worse when somebody explodes something tomato based in it.  So I decided to test out a microwave cleaning life hack.
Life Hack: Cleaning Cookie Sheets
I use my cookie sheets all the time.  They are so pretty when they are brand new, but then they get caked up and brown and nasty looking.  So when I ran across a cleaning hack I thought I would try it out and see if it worked.
Life Hack: Homemade Laundry Detergent
Do you ever get tired of spending tons of money on a tiny bottle or even a tiny box of laundry detergent only to turn around and spend more because it is gone already.  One of my pet peeves was spending a ton of money on detergent.  Then one day I ran across a recipe for homemade laundry detergent.  Would it work?  Would it get my clothes clean?  Here's this week's life hack.
Ways to Get Rid of Flies
So it is Summertime, and the flies are insane this year.  I had a friend post on facebook that the flies were taking over her home and that she needed some great ideas to get rid of them.  So I asked the Mix FB fans some great ways to get rid of and keep the flies away and here are some of the great answers I got.
Life Hack Test: Fruit Fly Catcher
So I have been having a problem with fruit flies.  Every single summer they try to take over my house.  I try to keep my fruit put up and the sink cleaned out, but they still come and take over my kitchen.  So I started researching some ways to get rid of them or to at least catch them and I found a couple of ideas on Pinterest so I thought I would test them out.