Finding the Perfect Stocking Stuffers
When it comes to the stocking, sometimes you just have to give Santa a little help.  I remember back in the day stockings were filled with oranges and nuts and candy canes, but now days, they are fill with all sorts of things.
Why I’m Sad About This Year’s Christmas
I am one of those get your Christmas shopping done early type people. I usually start the last week of October and I'm done by the end of November. Which nothing has changed. I'm moving right along with those gift purchases, however this morning I realized something that made me very …
Start your Christmas Shopping Now at these Fun Events
Christmas seems to be a taboo word until at least Halloween passes, but let's face it, it's coming.  We know it is coming and we can't stop it.  However, we can be prepared and get a jump start on our Christmas shopping early.  Here are some amazing events coming up whe…
Panhandle Salvage is Closing
When it comes to saving money on certain groceries, Panhandle Salvage is my go to place. When I needed some produce or fruit or even milk, I would always find myself heading over to 58th and Western to grab some on the go. They were exceptionally discounted.
Support the Amarillo SPCA at Their Annual Garage Sale
With all the drama with strays and rescues over the last month, it's good to know that we have a wonderful no-kill shelter in Amarillo and that is the Amarillo SPCA. If you love animals and you love garage sales, then have I got the event for you. You can support this wonderful organization by…

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