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Get Ready To Buy Beer and Wine At 10 am On Sundays, Texas!
It's almost September, and Texans are getting excited to be able to finally buy beer and wine on Sundays at 10 am! It seems a bit conservative that it has taken us this long to decide that maybe Jesus won't mind if we have a couple of brews on Sunday, but it's safe to say we are on our way to the Texas of the future...
Getting to 100 Degrees–Is It A Badge Of Honor In Texas?
I've seen several articles now written about the entire state of Texas not being as warm this year as in years past-with statistics being thrown out there about cities all across the state that are usually in the 100's for numerous days by now only seeing one or two days with temps that high so far. Here in the Midland-Odessa area we hit 100 yesterday for the first time since June and BOOM there were the articles mentioning the accomplishment as if it's a badge of honor. Which is a little confusing to this boy from the Midwest because I'm not used to consistent temps that high--but more importantly I've spoken to a lot of people who are from the area who love it because of all the rain we've been getting. So IS it a badge of honor for the natives? I have to say--I could do without all the bugs and if the hotter temps are what slows that down like last year--I say BRING IT BACK MOTHER NATURE! Comment below and tell us--are you loving the cooler weather and the rain or are you longing for the West Texas usual?

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