Courtney Love has been in the business a long time, so she surely knows that one way to stay relevant is to talk trash about today's most popular artists.

Enter the Russian edition of Interview magazine, which asks the Hole frontwoman for her take on Miley Cyrus, which she is happy to give. True to form, Courtney doesn't stop there, dragging Katy Perry and her "sad" career (!!!!) in the fray as well.

First, let's see what she has to say about Miley: "She has a crap stylist," Love starts, adding, "at least Katy Perry lives out her insane fantasies and kids love it."

Katy's turn -- and it does take a turn for the worse: "I liked Katy when she was in a black shag and the shy girl on Glen Ballard's arm at events," Courtney says. "She was damaged goods by the time she got to Capitol [Records]. She really worked for it: 'It' being a career I find so boring it's sort of sad, but what she wears is cute and in her own universe."

Hey, at least Courtney likes what Katy wears! Speaking of which, she ends things on a high note ... we think. "Miley provided me with endless laughs at the VMAs. The Harajuku Japanese girl little bear suit was cute."

We're not sure a fashion shout-out from Courtney Love is the highest compliment, however.