Director of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare Richard Havens has held this position since January 2015. Havens came to Amarillo from Hutchinson, Kansas, where he had been Animal Services Director. He replaced former director Mike McGee, who resigned in 2012, amid allegations of improper euthanasia procedures at the Amarillo shelter.

From January 2018 to the end of November 2018, the shelter says its adjusted live release rate is a success, after taking in almost 10,800 animals during that time.

In 2017, Havens convinced the Amarillo City Council to pass a municipal ordinance that banned bestiality and supported an effort to ensure Texas law would make bestiality illegal statewide,

Euthanasia issues arose again during Haven's tenure, including the of a pregnant dog in the act of giving birth at the Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare facility shelter last May. The dog became known as "G7," after the cage number, in which she was housed prior to her euthanization.

There is no word on a replacement, at this time. We will update with further details as the story develops.

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