Okay clearly someone at Heathrow Airport is really into Star Wars.

Check out this departure board on display today at Heathrow in honor of May the 4th, also know in some systems as Star Wars Day. It’s not just that they’ve got the names of planets like Tatooine, Hoth, Kamino, Jakku, and others. It’s that they’ve even got the little details. Like how the Hoth flight is delayed because they’re waiting for “clearance of snow from runaway at destination,” which is of course an ice planet, and the flight to Kamino is delayed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

But it goes even further! Look at the flight numbers. The one to Kashyyyk, the home planet of Chewbacca is Flight # “WOOK1E.” And the flight to Jakku, the home planet of Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awaken, is #BB8, and the one to Endor, where the Ewoks hang out is “W1CKET.” The flight to Kessel has a change of aircraft. And the flight to Alderaan is cancelled because, well...

A+ marks all around for this thing. I just hope they didn’t put it up on every departures board at Heathrow, otherwise people would be really confused looking for their flight to Hong Kong or Tokyo or Chicago or whatever.

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