Valentine's Day a day to show your love.  Yes, that is all good and fine, but what do you do if you have a family.  Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday this year, in fact it is this Thursday.  However, most of us are moms and have kids.  So how do you celebrate Valentine's Day with the family?


I just had an email come through from Papa Murphy's and they conducted a survey with mom's with children and how they celebrate Valentine's Day as a family and here are their results.

• 90% say they’re happy to spend Valentine’s Day at home with the kids and go out with their Valentine on another night.

• 42% say their ideal Valentine’s Day is an experience that includes the family as one of their top three choices for a perfect Valentine’s Day

• 62% say the high prices or big crowds deter them from going out on Valentine’s Day. 

• 84% say they’d prefer quality time with their significant other over a gift.

So what do you as a family do for Valentine's Day?  Do you cook a special breakfast?  Do you make a special dinner?  Do you buy a special treat?

I know I will get E. a special Valentine's Day present and I will probably order pizza for dinner since he loves pizza. Since Papa Murphy's has a special heart shaped pizza I'll pick one up before heading home.

How do you treat your family to a special Valentine's Day celebration?