When you have pets you find yourself in certain positions, whether it be an accident on the floor, or it might be a chewed up show, maybe the dogs played tug of war with a pillow.  Well I have pets, two dogs and a cat.  I don't have much trouble with the dogs anymore, but the cat is another story. My cat is a serial bird killer.


I used to keep a bird feeder in my backyard.  It hung from my tree and the birds would come and enjoy some food.  However, that's when it would begin, I would find bird sacrifices in my house.  That's when I realized that the bird feeder had to go.  I know when the cat leaves dead birds in my house, he is just leaving me gifts, but it became an everyday thing.  Sometimes he left the birds other times he just left the remnants.

However, yesterday was an entirely different scenario.  We walked into the house, and my son was like, "mom, Astro (the cat) killed another bird.  There's feathers everywhere."  Sure enough there was a pile of feathers, then another, then a few more over here.  So as I am walking to the coat closet to get the vacuum, there it is...the bird.  The bird was very much alive.  The bird was just sitting there chilling.  That's when it happened.  It took flight and dive bombed me in my own living room.   Then it flew into the kitchen.  I'm freaking out, my son is yelling, "there's a bird flying in the house."

So I opened the front door, and then the back door, then went on a search for the bird.  I could not find the bird.  I looked everywhere.  I mean everywhere and there was no bird.  The only conclusion I can come up with, is the bird flew through the dog door.

So it is quite possible that I have a bird hiding out in my house.  However, I think the pile of feathers I found in my dining room this morning, tells me that my cat had a late night snack.

Have you ever found a animal in your house that didn't belong in the house?  Share your story with us.

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