Do you have those moments in life where you think, "I cannot believe I just did that, I really cannot believe that just happened."  I had one of those moments yesterday.  It was ugly and I was completely embarrassed.   No one saw what happened buy my son, who became a hero, but it still embarrassed me.


I was pulling up in my driveway yesterday and pulled up to my garage and hit the opener button and the door didn't go up.  The battery in my opener has been slowly going dead and it isn't a normal battery and I haven't gotten a new one yet.  I got a bit frustrated when the door wouldn't raise.  So I put my car in park and got out of the car to head through the front door to open the garage door from the inside.  Well I slammed my car door a little to hard and I guess I didn't get the car fully into park. When I slammed the door it kicked it out of park and into drive.  Well I go to open the door to stop the car and it wouldn't open so I'm yelling at Ethan to pull the brake.  However, he wasn't fast enough and my car ran into my garage door.  I guess you could say that was one way of opening it.  UGH!!!

It was kinda scary because well Ethan was in the car.  Leave it to my kid, "it's OK Momma accidents happen, but I remember you telling me about the brake and how to use it if something ever happened.  I'm a hero I saved the day today."  Yes, kid you did.

So it did a little bit of damage to my door, but it's only noticeable from the inside.

Sheesh!  What an insane stupid moment.

Let's just say I now have a new battery in my garage door opener and my garage door still opens and my kid feels like Ironman.