The Lone Star State sure has produced some funny folks.

I thought about ranking these ten comedians, and I just can't do it. Some are known for very different things, and one is actually credited for changing the face of comedy.

First off, why ten? Well, I would say that there is a pretty significant drop-off in start power after you name these ten. That's no offense to anyone, and I'm sure many that didn't make the cut will someday enjoy their moment in the sun and perhaps ellipse the crew I put together. So here's your unranking of the top ten.

*Bill Hicks. Hicks was a "comics comic" and his family made their home in Houston. Hicks may not have been a household name, but he is an absolute comedy legend even though he passed away at the age of 32.

*Jaimie Foxx. Foxx was born in Terrell and killed it in the stand-up game before being a part of the legendary case of "In Living Color". Of course, you may know him now as a Hollywood superstar.

*Jack Handey. Handey is out of San Antonio. You probably couldn't pick him out of a crowd. He still changed the face of comedy with his short video series, "Deep Thoughts With Jack Handey" which ran on Saturday Night Live. He actually wrote for another comedian on this list, the legendary Steve Martin.

*Rodney Carrington. Rodney parlayed a mostly regional stand-up act (brokered with deals at cooperative radio stations) into a full-on sitcom. The sitcom didn't last long, but Rodney continues to laugh all the way to the bank with sold-out shows whenever he cares to tour.

*Tig Notaro. Coming to us from Spring, Tig is again what you'd call a "comedians comedian". She works a bit "dark" and has six albums, five stand-up specials and tons of t.v. and movie appearances (Army Of The Dead, We Have A Ghost, Star Trek: Discovery).

*Ron White. White was born in Fritch and really blew up super huge as part of the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour". Let me say he was great in that, but you really needed to see him solo to see him set a stage on fire.

*Bill Engvall. Engvall was born in Galveston and was also part of the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour". Bill was light whereas Ron White was dark, Bill was sugar and White was acid. And again, his chops were even better in his headline shows with his trademark "Here's Your Sign" bit.

*Iliza Shlesinger. Schlesinger was raised in Dallas and is a powerhouse. Iliza owns the female comedian turf on Netflix with six specials. She's also had tons of appearances pretty much everywhere.

*Steve Trevino. Trevino is from Portland, Texas (which I never heard of until now). Steve has had four full-on comedy specials and sells out shows everywhere, often bringing with him a cast of characters (fellow comedians) that is unrivaled. He's one of the best and he surrounds himself with the best.

*Steve Martin. The original "Wild & Crazy Guy" was born in Waco, Texas. His fame is so widespread that it's doubtful that there are many people who don't know who he is. He started honing his act at the same place I drove a train (Knott's Berry Farm in California) and continues being a legendary show business personality to this day.

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