Amarillo has quickly become a bit of a food truck haven. More and more seem to pop up weekly, and some of those are even moving into brick and mortar restaurants due to the success of their trucks. Dillos Burger Bus was one of the first to do it, and now another is making the leap.

Well, with the success of the food trucks and the fact we seem to love them so much here, there is an event happening that should a huge chunk of the city out to it, especially if we're getting a chance to try so many food trucks all in one shot.

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The WTC Food Truck War is set to take place here on July 21st at The Gym @ Contagion Athletics, and I simply can't wait. Can you imagine all these different food trucks loaded up in one place? I mean, how many are going to be there?

That's still a question I don't have an answer for yet, but here's what we do know. They want US to help them judge it. Yes, you and I, doing the judging of all these food trucks. I mean, that's heaven right?

I'd anticipate you're going to see some of the top food trucks in the city all gathered up here, along with some you may not have even known existed. It's going to be a great exploration of everything Amarillo has to offer from a food truck standpoint.

Tickets are available for the event here and are only $15. I think that's totally worth it for the amount of food you're probably going to get to stuff your face with.

It all kicks off at 10 am on July 21, and yes, you'll definitely see me there.

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