As we inch closer and closer to October more and more spookiness will fill the air. It's a great time to get your scare on. You can walk into almost any store and smell the scent of fall.

You can find stuff to decorate your home as well. Whether you want a fall theme at your home or a spooky one for Halloween. Amarillo has you covered. The taste of pumpkin is all over the city as well.

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This is also the time of year to turn on your tv and find all kinds of spooky shows and movies to watch. You can find them on all the streaming services as well. It's so much fun this time of year.

Have you been out to Synchronicity - The Simulated Universe yet? Have you been able to experience what it is about? If not now may be the perfect time. They, also, are getting ready for Halloween. They already have a lot to talk about inside that house.

Now they are giving us more with a Halloween twist. You may ask the question wondering what a simulated universe is anyway? That is something you need to experience for yourself. We went and our big group enjoyed our time.

So they announced they are getting ready for the spooky season as well:

Come see our new installations as we lean into the spookiness of the Halloween season.

They are also giving local artists the chance to show off their work in their Halloween display:

Also we are seeking artists to create artwork depicting anything related to the phenomenon of Uncanny Valley. The artwork will be showcased inside our interactive art space “Synchronicity” coinciding with the Halloween season, October 1st-31st. You will have the opportunity to sell your artwork in the space and be seen by hundreds of patrons.
If you are an artist interested in being part of this event we would love to hear from you and give you more detailed info. Please message us on any of our media platform’s or email us at
At the moment we are accepting one art piece per artist. Please share with your artist friends.
The Haunting at Synchronicity is going on from October 1st through the 14th and can be found at 1215 SW 10th Avenue in Amarillo.

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