It seems like we were just getting spooky and celebrating Halloween. Just like that Thanksgiving is next week. Now it would be great if our kid's holiday schedules could coincide with ours at work. That is not always the case as some Canyon and Amarillo parents are realizing.

That is just not how that works. Next week could be a headache for some parents. Amarillo Independent School District is just out Wednesday through Friday. Which is about normal. Don't worry they will have their holiday headaches when they are off three weeks at Christmas. Which also includes the very first week of the new year.

Canyon, on the other hand, takes a fall break at Thanksgiving time. So they are closed all next week. They throw in another extra day the following Monday. So parents may be struggling with what to do with them those early days in the week. You know those days you may still have to work.

The Entrance to the Don Harrington Discovery Center in Amarillo Texas
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That is where the Discovery Center jumps in to help. They are offering a camp that could really save the day for the parents in Canyon. A fun and even educational couple of days. (You don't have to tell your kids that last part. It could be our little secret).

The best place for your kids to learn and HAVE FUN while they’re out of school for fall break!

Need to get your shopping out of the way for the holidays? Want to plan a fun day out? Need to head into the office for a day or two?

For ages 3 through 4th grade, our award-winning camps offer your kids a perfect mix of learning and fun with a science-based curriculum, qualified teachers, hands-on science activities and experiments, crafts, and discovery!

The camp is from 9 am until 4 pm both days. They even offer pre-care and after-care in case you can't shorten your workday at all. You can get your kiddos signed up for the fun HERE.

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