When you are a delivery person here in Amarillo there are a few things that come up that is not necessarily your job. You sometimes have to dodge lawn sprinklers, keep food away from hungry dogs, and find a way to deliver that ice cream in a timely manner so it's not a gooey mess. OK, maybe that is part of your job.

Those are some things that you may come across and it is a snap decision. Then there are things that are thrown at you that really shouldn't be your job. It's something that should fall on the employees of the restaurant. I really hate it when it comes up.

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I hate having to go to a food establishment and they hand you the cup so you can make the orders drinks. I know this doesn't seem like it should be a big deal but it kind of is. I mean people who work there have to take a food handlers course to learn about food and drinks. So that should really fall on them.

I don't know why as a customer I would feel better knowing an employee of the restaurant made the drink than the dasher. I just would. As a delivery driver, I am responsible for delivering the food and drinks that the restaurant has ready for me. It shouldn't be on me at any point to get any part of their order ready. It just shouldn't.

I will admit though that at least when I fill up a drink I put an ample amount of ice in the drink. There are many times I pick up a drink order and all of the ice is melted. I mean either wait to make it or put in extra ice especially when it is an iced tea. The tea melts what little ice you put in right away.

Even though I feel like I do a better job than most dashers I still don't want to have to take time out of their delivery to get the customer's drinks ready. I am not an employee of the restaurant. I hate when drinks are ordered anyway. Especially when it is from a restaurant that doesn't provide drink carriers. I am looking at you Scholotzsky's. I have bought my own for that very reason.

Please restaurant locations have the drinks ready for us to pick them up and deliver. It shouldn't be our job to do any more than just deliver the food and drinks. That is what we signed up to do.

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