It is a magical time of the year. The magic of Christmas. The fun that comes with it.  You want your children to have lasting memories. You hope for many traditions to be able to pass down with them.

You want them to remember the holidays as a fun time and make those same magical memories with their own family. Yes, there is a lot of work that has to be done during this short month of shopping, wrapping, decorating, food, and holiday parties.

Don't let it go by without all the fun that this time needs as well. That includes spending time with the kiddos out at The Discovery Center. There are a lot of fun family activities on a normal day.

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Oh, but Christmas is a magical time as well. Of course it it. So they have a lot of fun planned during the holiday season. Yes, it will be educational too but the kids don't have to know that.

Learning is fun and they won't even notice. You will know the truth and really that is all that matters. Every Saturday in December The Discovery Center has a fun Christmas or winter theme to entertain the family.

Christmas is a magical and fun family time and The Discovery Center wants to make sure your family enjoys part of it with them:

Join us for dazzling demos, explosive experiments, and amazing activities that will be fun for the whole family!

It won't cost you any more than the original cost of entry. There are no added fees to participate in their holiday cheer. This may even be a great time to look into a membership. What a great Christmas present that would make. Plenty of fun and many days of laughing and playing as a family. Check out the details HERE.

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