With the Thanksgiving feast fast approaching it got me thinking. Now hear me out. If you are out in your backyard without any clothes on in Texas would you get in trouble? What does this have to do with Thanksgiving you might ask?

Well, you don't want to end up having to bail someone out. Like your drunk Uncle Stan. Oh, family, they are the best. Really it's great to have a family but sometimes at family gatherings, you have the typical family drama. You have the aunt who asks when you are going to get married or have a kid. You have the grandpa that loves to bring up politics.  You inevitably have an uncle that likes to drink a bit too much.

You don't know what will happen after that liquor starts to flow. He may be cheery. Or he may put on a show. If your uncle is the latter then you want to make sure he keeps his clothes on. For many reasons.

You don't want to scar your children who are seeing a different side of Uncle Stan. Literally.

You don't want to have to take him down off the roof when he decides to decorate your home. Alcohol and decorating don't always mix. What if he decides to go out and let it all hang free?

Texas doesn't take too kindly to naked people. I mean in your home ok. Once you head outdoors that is where the issues start.

According to Texas law, walking around completely nude will definitely get you into some trouble. You'll be slapped with an indecent exposure charge if a cop catches you. Or if a neighbor sees you and decides to call him in. You will have a Thanksgiving to remember for sure.

So keep your Uncle Stan dressed. Keep him indoors and maybe keep the booze away from him this Turkey Day. It will be the best for everyone involved.

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