There are not a lot of businesses in Amarillo that can brag about longevity in our area. There are so many businesses that come and go. They open with such high hopes. They make it for a while but sadly then they close their doors.

That is not the story for this Amarillo business. They first opened up their doors in 1979. They have been a success for many, many years. This store, Kem's Bed and Bath has gone through location changes.

When I first visited their store they were at 34th and Coulter in the Summit Shopping Center. I remember when I got married they were one of the few places I used for my wedding registry.

Over the years Kem's Bed and Bath watched other businesses nearby close down. I remember Jump and Jive being in that shopping center. Blockbuster was there too. Kem's lasted. Then they moved to Paramount Avenue and they just kept going.

They just announced on social media that after forty-five they are closing their doors. A great and successful career in Amarillo.

The best thing about Kem's closing the way that they are is we are getting a chance to say goodbye. We are getting notice about them closing. They did not just close their doors and walk away.

This also means we get to save some money while they are trying to get rid of as much merchandise as possible before they close their doors for good this weekend. They are even entrusting the services of Cristi's Estate Sales with the process.

So if you need any nice products for your home: towels, bedding, candles, etc. you definitely want to stop by and say goodbye to Kem's Bed and Bath - 2414 Paramount Ave.

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