To just think that we left behind the time in our holiday season to give thanks. We did that. We spent time with the family. All that time with food, fun, and family including pets that may or may not have done something to get in trouble.

I mean as much trouble as maybe leaving a mess in the living room. Maybe they tore up a present you had under the Christmas tree. Or maybe, just maybe, they have already destroyed the Christmas tree. It looks like so much fun just sitting there so why not play with it?

Over the holiday it was fun keeping an eye on the Mugshots of Randall County Facebook page. If you don't follow it maybe you should. That is the current mugshot page for our area hopefully you don't really see anyone you know on the page.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, they did keep up with all of the mugshots that happened. If someone was arrested for drinking too much and then getting in a car, it was there. That didn't take a  backseat at all. They did decide to add some holiday fun. They asked for photos of your animals.

What Did They Do With Your Photos?

Well, they had some fun creating mugshots. The mugshot picture did what most posts have. You have to know the offender's name. That is obvious. There is also mention of their offense. So it was a lot of fun to watch. It was a lot of fun to check out all of the pets of Randall County.

The Bad Pets of Randall County

It's not just us humans that do bad things in our city. Check out the mugshots of Randall County Pets

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM

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