I know I get some looks. When it's time to meet some friends or family for a meal out. Oh and it's breakfast time. I look over the menu and hope that I can get anything except breakfast. I know I am that weird one.

I am not a huge breakfast lover. I don't know why. I never have been. I remember getting in trouble when I was in high school for making a huge plate of nachos for breakfast before school. My thoughts were at least I was eating something.

My daughter never grew up with the breakfast for dinner nights. Not at my house. She did have a good breakfast every morning. So don't feel bad for her. She just didn't get that coveted breakfast for dinner moment.

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I do admit I love a good breakfast burrito just like everyone else. That is the one breakfast item I really do love. It has to come with some great salsa. Of course it does.

So a few months ago I met my daughter and a friend on my birthday for breakfast. We went to Denny's. I know I can get a burger there at 9 am. My daughter knew I would do that. Her friend couldn't believe I didn't get the pancakes and eggs like everyone else. I mentioned I am not a huge breakfast eater.

I also wanted to sound a little bit more normal. I mean just a little. So I remind her that I get up at 4 am. So 9 am is five hours into my day already. Those of you that get up later and can sleep in until 6 am that five hour window leaves us at 11 am. Not a bad time to start thinking about lunch. Right?  I just remind her that my window starts earlier.

So I know I can go to places like Denny's, I-Hop, and Waffle House and get their full menu basically all day. That is also the situation at Sonic. I think that is really for you freaks that want breakfast in the afternoon but that is ok. It helps when I want a burger in the morning too.

I also searched some online and I saw that The Brunch Truck serves breakfast and lunch during their operating hours. That really is all that I can come up with. There has to be other places in Amarillo that I can eat whatever I want when I want.

I seem to remember that Ye Olde Pancake station was a place I would always meet my mom for breakfast when she lived here for that reason. Maybe Youngblood's too. That is the question.

Where can I got and get their full menu all day? I need to know.

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