Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been changes. Some are good. I mean we can get alcohol to go now. More workplaces are giving you chances to work from home. I can support both of those.

Some changes have not been the best. There are shortages of workers. Some locations have shut down. Oh, and Kohl's didn't want to have both of their entrances open for us to use. There were suggestions that because of the shortage of workers, it was hard to have both doors open.

They couldn't have both registers on each side open so shutting the doors kept the theft down. Hey, maybe that was the reason. I am not even sure. All I know is I went back to Kohl's over the weekend and they had both sets of doors open.

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I didn't know how to act. I even walked to the further doors just to save the embarrassment in case the doors really weren't open. I looked around when I got inside. Woah, Kohl's had changed in that short time since I last shopped there.

They do in fact have both sets of doors open. What did they change? Well, they took out a whole set of registers. Yes, the ones in front of the women's section were gone. Those were the registers that were open when the other set of doors was shut.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So, we now can walk into the north or the south doors. They are both open for business. Just remember if you get caught stealing those doors are important to the story. 

So yes you can walk into any of the doors but there is only one set of registers in the store. There were two sets previously even though only one was open. They just took out the other ones.

They have been replaced with more shopping. They also rearranged a lot of the sections of clothing. The huge section of juniors' clothes when you first walked into the store is gone. They were moved into a much smaller section. I am not sure I like this change. OK, I just don't like change.

It seems like there are fewer options for women's clothing. I mean they took out the one brand I use to shop for there. I loved the Apt. 9 lines of clothing. Gone. That happened a long time ago. So I just feel lost.

I really do. The only thing I have to rejoice about is the fact that I can walk into whatever door I want to not be able to find the clothes I use to love.

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