If you know anything about government or politics, then I'm sure you've heard of things such as embassies in different countries. The U.S. has them in plenty of different countries, and vice versa. However, have you ever heard of a state embassy in a different country? Texas is right in the middle of it.

In all my years, I've never heard of a particular state inside the union setup their own office in an entirely different country, but as fate would have it, Gov. Greg Abbott is currently overseas trying to do just that.

Gov. Abbott is working on setting up a State of Texas office in Taiwan of all places. It is a part of Abbott's “three-nation economic development mission” in which he wants to have a close working relationship with Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

In a news release, Abbott said the idea behind it is to enhance “the economic and cultural cooperation between Texas and Taiwan, promoting more trade, investment, and collaboration between Texas and Taiwan.”

Abbott and Taiwan Minister of Economic Affairs Jyh-Huei Kuo had already signed into what is called an Economic Development Statement of Intent. The premise behind it is to promote several different things such as job creation, investment, and trade operations with Taiwan.

In the news release regarding the info, Abbott stated, “Today, I am announcing two key initiatives that will help bolster our economic relationship and foster unprecedented prosperity for our two peoples. Both initiatives—an economic agreement and a new State of Texas Taiwan Office—will strengthen the economic and cultural relationship between Texas and Taiwan. By working together, we will ensure our people have the freedom and opportunity to thrive in the growing economies of the 21st century.”

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