This should be a time that we are rejoicing with so many new restaurants in Amarillo. We have also had to endure the closing of some we really loved as well. It seems that as some close we celebrate the new ones.

That should be what we are doing. We should be trying out the new places. What I love about Amarillo is we go out and support new places. We try them. We give our reviews and a lot of times we grow to become like friends and family to the owners.

Amarillo is that type of community. I have seen that a lot this weekend with the news of a tragedy that hit the family of one of our new restaurants. It was just a couple of months ago that we heard the news about Sticky Chikky getting ready to open up. It has since opened up. I haven't tried it yet, but one of my co-workers has and she really liked it.

Now Sticky Chikky is in the spotlight for something that nobody likes the hear. The owners were involved in an accident on July 4th. An accident that took one of the restaurant owners and left the other one in the hospital fighting.

What I really love about our community is seeing the restaurant pages and others sharing the story and encouraging people to get out and support the family. This is what is great about Amarillo. This is a new restaurant. This is a family that should be celebrating all the joys that come with a new place like this. Only they can't.

Nobody knows what the future holds all we can do is support this family all we can right now. That is just what this community does.

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