When I moved to Amarillo, there were quite a few things I was going to miss about Austin in general. I lived in a little city just south of the city called Kyle. Quiet place, but packed with plenty of family friendly places to go and things to do.

One of those places was called The Railhouse. It became an immediate favorite for our family, and many in the city quite truthfully.

I knew I'd miss that place, but didn't realize just how much until I got settled in here in Amarillo...and realized there is NOTHING even close to something like this in the city.

If you wanna know what we're missing here, it's this. Without question, this would be an ultimate destination spot for families, and everyone in general. We talk so much about Amarillo being full of families, but not enough to do with them here.

This will take care of all those things.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The front of the building has that cowboy type vibe that works so well in Texas. It's also very inviting. Fenced off, turf laid down that doesn't die and get brown, and it makes it look like a fun little neighborhood bar. It's WAY more than just that.

This building is massive, and the plot of land it sits on is simply huge. Why does a little neighborhood bar need so much space? I'll explain here in a bit.

Now, if you're just looking for a nice little place to enjoy a couple of quiet drinks outdoors at, they've got that for you.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This is just to the left of the front of the building. You can see some tables and chairs setup in a porch-style setting. It's covered and shaded so you don't melt in the Texas hear during those warm months and is "landscaped" to feel like you're sitting in your backyard.

With what I've shown you so far, I know you're asking how this is even remotely conducive to families. I'm about to show you.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This is an overhead view of the rest of the facility. At the top of the picture where you see concrete is a full stage where they have live bands come and perform constantly. I recently saw they brought in hard rockers Disturbed for a performance there.

The random building you see further down the pic? Yeah, that's an outdoor bar so you don't have to keep going in and out. It also has a covered area with tables you can sit at and just enjoy your drinks.

All that green turf? That's the area where the kids go and run around. They have all sorts of different games they can pull out and play. Basketballs float around as they shoot them into empty trash cans designed just for that. Cornhole boards, ladder golf, and other backyard games have popped out many times for the kids to stay busy. I saw they also recently added an axe-throwing area as well.

The sand you see there? Yeah, a lot of times the kids will just migrate over there and play, but it's not a sandbox. Those are full-on, regulation beach volleyball courts. There are two of them, and they are used often by the kids AND adults. Games break out constantly.

So what do you say Amarillo? Who's going to be the one to take this concept and build it right here? I promise you, we'll be there OFTEN, and so will many others.

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