There are some wild things that happen in Amarillo I swear. Since I moved here, I've heard and seen some thing I never thought would ever happen, which is where I started using the "only in Amarillo" phrase.

This one has to be one of the wildest things I've heard about though. I swear I've never seen or heard of this happening literally anywhere, but here in Amarillo, anything is possible.

Back in February 2023, crews were called out to a house fire at 927 N. Cleveland St. When crews arrived, they said there was heavy fire on the side of the house. They were able to get that part of the fire under control then went inside.

Once they made it inside, they found multiple fires in bedrooms of the house. They were able to get it under control and move on from it.

Fast forward 16 months later, and once again crews were called out to 927 N. Cleveland St. Sure enough, the same exact house that had already caught fire once had caught fire for a second time.

The house was fully engulfed this time and unlike last time, this fire took down some power lines with it. Firefighters went into a defensive mode with the house and were able to get it under control in approximately 45 minutes.

The Amarillo Fire Marshall is now looking into the cause of the fire, and what could've caused it to catch fire a second time.

Could it be something natural? Was it already a major risk after catching fire once? Was it a case of arson? Any of these things would seem viable in my mind, but we'll have to await that official word.

I also think it might be smart at this point to completely raze the property so it doesn't happen again.

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