One of the reasons I love social media is you can reach so many people.  It's a great way to get get a ton of information about the business, family, and friends.  It's also a great way to promote your business.

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It's also a great way to let your customers know what you will accept and what you won't accept.  Recently, a Canyon business took to social media to ask for a little grace with them since they are the only donut business in town and they only can do so much.

Over the weekend another business reached out to their customers on social media to let them know that bad treatment of their staff would not be tolerated.

The post said:

We want to start this post by saying that we deeply appreciate the support of our customers. We have always strived to be a place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. However, the mistreatment of our staff will absolutely not be tolerated. We regret that this even has to be stated and realize that it is unlikely anyone who needs the reminder will see this. Unfortunately, this has become something we are dealing with more and more frequently lately. So just a friendly reminder of our motto around here for everyone else: eat, drink, and be neighborly.

Six Car Pub and Brewery is a great place to go and enjoy a beer and enjoy their great menu.

As with any restaurant and or bar, the servers are there to serve you.  Sometimes you get great service, and sometimes you don't.  However, that doesn't give you the right to treat those employees with disrespect.  I'm sure they are doing the best they can, especially in the world today, where places are short-staffed and those that are working are busting their butts.

If for some reason, you are not getting the service you want, then ask to speak to a manager, but do it in a courteous way, don't be a "Karen or Chad".

Now, this post didn't say exactly say what happened with their servers, so I personally don't know myself.

But, I just wanted to put this out here just in case, it is NEVER ok to harass a server.  EVER!  I don't care if it is a restaurant, a bar, or whatever.  They are there to serve you a product, not to serve your wants and desires.

Most of the time the servers are doing their best to make sure your experience is enjoyable.  Sometimes things happen in the kitchen that isn't their fault, so please be nice to your servers, they are doing their best.

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