As a vehicle owner in Texas, you have to jump through hoops just to make sure your vehicle is registered and ready to roll on the highways of the Lonestar State.

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Before you can renew your registration, you have to go and get your vehicle inspected and if you miss one little thing on the vehicle inspection checklist then your car won't pass inspection.

Here's the checklist for a passenger car from the Texas DPS:

1. Horn
2. Windshield Wipers
3. Mirror
4. Steering
5. Seat Belts
6. Brakes (system) (Parking - beginning with 1960 models)
7. Tires
8. Wheel Assembly
9. Exhaust System
10. Exhaust Emission System (beginning with 1968 models)
11. Beam Indicator (beginning with 1948 models)
12. Tail Lamps (2); (1) if 1959 model or earlier
13. Stop Lamps (3) 1986 and newer; (2) if 1960-1985; (1) if 1959 model or earlier
14. License Plate Lamp (1)
15. Rear Red Reflectors (2)
16. Turn Signal Lamps (beginning with 1960 models)
17. Head Lamps (2)
18. Motor, Serial, or Vehicle Identification Number
19. Gas caps on vehicles 2-24 model years old
20. Window Tint.

If your car doesn't pass inspection then you cannot get your registration tags.  If you don't have your car registration and get pulled over then you can get a giant ticket.  Trust me those tickets are cheap.   That ticket will cost you about $210.

There is a bill that was put forth to eliminate vehicle inspections, House Bill 3297.  HB 3297 has currently passed the Texas House and Texas Senate and is awaiting a signature from Governor Greg Abbot.  If the governor signs off on the bill that means, non-commercial vehicles in the state of Texas will no longer have to get yearly inspections before they can renew their vehicle registration.

Now if you think you'll be out of paying for that vehicle inspection.  Think again.  The fees you would have paid will just be converted into your registration fees as another charge.

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