A Disney World guest felt "judged" by one of the most popular Disney Princesses when they ordered seafood at a restaurant in the EPCOT theme park.

The awkward moment went down at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall located in the Norway pavilion of EPCOT.

"I was at Akershus for the Princess Character Meal and of course it's now a massive 'buffet' where they just give you a bit of everything, like a pair of huge plates that no human could eat through, with 3-4 kinds of meat, etc. It's like beef, chicken, salmon, etc.," the Disney guest began on Reddit.

After sitting down with some salmon on their plate from the buffet, Ariel from The Little Mermaid came up to their table.

"So Ariel comes up and I've nearly gotten through the salmon, and I of course realize the warnings Sebastien gave her about human diets, so after she asks how the food is, I'm like, 'Good! [But] don't look at that one,' and tried to cover it with my hand," the guest recounted.

"Her response, with the most measured young adult 'I'm disappointed in you' look possible, was, 'I know. Humans are weird,'" they continued.

Ariel continued to joke with the guest as they took another bite of their food, asking, "'What was the best part? YOU CAN'T SAY THAT ONE.'"

"I was forced to lie... TO A PRINCESS," the guest joked, adding: "They really shouldn't put fish on the menu at an Ariel character dinner."

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Users in the comments section shared their thoughts about the silly situation.

"They have bacon at Crystal Palace… with Piglet RIGHT THERE. It gets awkward," one person wrote.

"Fish are friends, not food," another joked.

"I met Ariel (with legs) a few years ago. I happened to be wearing my Ariel (with fin) shirt. I said to her, 'Hey it’s you, but from before.' I found it funnier than she did. I was 38 at the time," someone else shared.

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