A man is torn about whether or not he should propose to his girlfriend after they both previously expressed they never saw themselves being married.

"We've been together for approximately two years and we've discussed everything between heaven and earth. Values, future, kids and marriage. It was pretty early on in our relationship and she asked me if I've ever 'met anyone I wanted to marry.' I told her 'no, I've never felt that way' and I 'don't think i want to get married.' Then I asked her the same thing and she basically gave me the same answer," the man wrote on Reddit.

They didn't really talk about marriage after that conversation, until a recent moment made him rethink his stance.

"We were at a party, I wanted to leave early and asked her if she'd rather go home and watch a movie, she agreed. We went home and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up at 2, and seeing her sleep on my chest made me sob," he recalled.

It was at that moment that he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

"That feeling has been spinning in my head now for a week, I want her to be my wife. I've been thinking since I changed my mind about marriage, maybe she did as well?" he concluded.

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Users gave the man some advice in the comments, with many suggesting he have another conversation with his girlfriend about marriage.

"Never cold propose. It's not like in the movies. Talk to her about if she wants to get married and then discuss a timeline. Then if you still want to make it a surprise you can ask the question in the next few months when she's not expecting it," one person wrote.

"Revisit the marriage conversation first. See if she's on the same page. If she is, then plan a surprise proposal. A proposal itself should not be a surprise, but the details on when/where/how the proposal happens should be the surprise," another commented.

"You only propose to someone who you know is going to comfortably say yes. You have evidence that she doesn't want to get married and you have nothing showing you otherwise. You are going to put her in a really uncomfortable position if it's not what she wants. You need a dialogue. Do not spring this on her," someone else advised.

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