Taylor Swift's massive Eras Tour hasn't just broken records and blown Swifties' minds (and bank accounts). The tour has also been rife with onstage mishaps, from the pop icon's microphone not working to Swift swallowing a bug, and even issues with rogue security guards.

However, the show must go on, as they say, and Swift is a seasoned performer who clearly knows how to roll with whatever is thrown her way onstage.

Below, here are 10 times The Eras Tour became The Errors Tour since it began in March! In the words of the great Hannah Montana, nobody's perfect.

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1. When Taylor Swift's Piano Played Itself

In May, Taylor's piano malfunctioned due to the rain and began playing a tune of its own, to which Swift reacted with a comically shocked expression.

"Oh my..." she said into the mic before covering her mouth with her hands and asking the crowd, "Do you hear that? Is that happening for you too?"

2. When Taylor Swift's Mic Stopped Working

It's probably happened to every performer at one point or another! At a recent Eras Tour show, Taylor's mic quit working, prompting her to tap on and even scream into it to try to get it to work before a staff member brought out a new microphone.

"I love how Taylor's immediate reaction to her mic not working is to scream and beat the [redacted] out of it," a fan wrote in a TikTok video capturing the moment.

3. When Taylor Swift Swallowed a Bug

During one of her stops in Chicago, Taylor fell victim to an unfortunate problem that comes with the summer season: swallowing a bug!

"Oh, delicious," she joked on stage after coughing.

4. When Taylor Swift Had to Yell at a Security Guard

In a moment that's already gone down in Swiftie history and garnered over 20 million views on TikTok, Taylor was forced to call out a security guard from the stage for allegedly harassing a fan in the audience.

The viral moment was dubbed "Bad Blood (Taylor's Version) (Live) (Security Guard Version)."

5. When Taylor Swift Accidentally Thanked the Wrong Opener

"Earlier, I told you that Gracie Abrams opened the show. That is not correct. That is absolutely not correct. Gayle opened the show, and she was phenomenal!" Taylor said in Tampa, Fla., joking that she only has "13 brain cells" after shouting out the wrong opening act.

She then promised to buy Abrams, Gayle and beabadoobee, who also opened, "lots of presents" as an apology for the mistake.

6. When Taylor Swift's Jacket Got Stuck on Her Dress

Wardrobe malfunctions are par for the course on a tour as long as Taylor's.

The pop star truly embodied the spirit of "Shake It Off" when her purple fur coat got stuck to her lavender dress during "Lavender Haze."

7. When Taylor Swift Wore Her Dress Wrong

"Oh, I've done it again," Taylor admitted onstage after she discovered she put her dress on wrong for the second time and wasn't able to fix the sleeve.

"Don't look at me! It's perfect," she joked.

8. When Taylor Swift's Dive Transition Door Didn't Open In Time

One of Taylor's most captivating special effects is the special "dive door" she uses to transition between songs. The door creates the illusion that Taylor is swimming along the stage's runway.

However, in one instance, the door failed to open at the right time, leaving Taylor momentarily stranded.

9. When Taylor Swift's Garter Broke Onstage

Taylor experienced another wardrobe malfunction when her garter broke and slid down her leg. She strutted across the stage to her backup singers and didn't miss a beat as she sang, and they helped her fix the stray accessory.

One fan said it best on TikTok when they wrote, "She handled it like a boss!"

10. When Taylor Swift Experienced Multiple Technical Difficulties in One Night

During one of Taylor's shows in Tampa, Fla., she experienced more than one instance of technical difficulty, including her in-ear monitors malfunctioning, something getting unplugged from her mic pack and more.

Never one to waste the moment, the singer told silly cat jokes to the audience while she waited for the problem to be fixed.

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