A woman on Reddit is hurt that her husband has started to show her more affection since she lost nearly 70 pounds.

"Me and my husband have been together since I was 19. After a few months, I moved in. We've since bought a house together and finished college. Oh, and got married. When we first started dating I was 140 pounds ( l am 5'8") and he was 180," the woman wrote on Reddit.

The woman gained nearly 60 pounds during their early relationship, "but he also weighed 230, so I didn't think too much about it."

"After a while, he told me that I was big and no longer pretty," she continued.

The woman eventually lost weight and is now 130 pounds, while her husband has remained the same.

"I don't even care that he weighs 230. But now he treats me completely different... such as now he is always trying to 'love' on me, and wants to hang out with me. Which I thought is what I wanted. But now I feel worse because my weight really does determine how much he loves me," she explained, adding that her husband never used to "kiss or hug" her like he does now.

"I want to be loved for me, not just my appearance. I don't know how to feel," the frustrated wife concluded her post.

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Users rallied behind the woman in the comments section, with many slamming her husband for making her feel bad about herself.

"Tell him he’s the fat and unattractive one now," one person wrote.

"This is how misogynist men who don’t see women as humans think," someone else wrote.

"Sweetie, he's insulting you to make you feel insecure and like you have to jump through hoops for his approval. If it wasn't your weight it would be your hair is too long or too short or too blonde or not blonde enough. If you wore makeup, it would be too much or because you want attention. If you don't wear makeup, you aren't trying hard enough to be sexy for him. See how all of these comments keep you focused on what is 'wrong' with you, in a way you will never be able to permanently 'fix,' so you will always feel the need to perform for him," another commented.

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