Texas has got miles and miles of roads, a gazillion vehicles and some crazy laws on how to use them.

If you have a Texas driver license, you had to go through some kind of training to get it and said training included a run down of Texas driving laws.

I say "run down" because, there's no way they could really teach you all of them in a few classes. We pretty much just get the basics.

Red means stop, obey warning signs, pedestrians have the right of way, bicyclists follow the same rules as vehicles, etc, etc. Driving instructors don't really go over every single law and there are a few they don't bother telling you about at all.

Why? Because they are either antiquated or just plain stupid. They are officially on the books though so, before you get yourself into trouble, you might want to read these.

Strange Texas Driving Laws

Whether you're on the longest highway in Texas or the highest highway in Texas, know that:

  1. In Lubbock, it’s illegal to drive within arm’s length of alcohol. (This, I get.) The weird part is this law includes alcohol in someone else’s blood stream!?!?. WTH??
  2. If you're headed for Galveston, you should know that it is illegal to drive down Broadway before noon on Sundays.
  3. Don't drive without windshield wipers, it's illegal. The windshield itself, is optional.
  4. You can't cuss while driving in Texas. They're going to have to build a lot of new prisons if they start enforcing this one.

What About Weird Motorcycle Laws

Finally, a wacky law related specifically to motorcycles in Texas.

Bikes don't legally need turn signals. However, if your bike does have them, they HAVE to work. SMH ... Click here for more weirdness.

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