Kailynn Carter opened up about her relationship with Miley Cyrus for the first time ever.

During a new — and very candid — op-ed for Elle magazine, the reality star reflected on her "short-lived" summer romance and detailed how hard and fast she fell in love with the "Slide Away" singer.

"This past July, I went on vacation with a female friend; the next thing I knew, I was in love with her," she wrote. It wasn’t quite that simple, of course. But it also wasn’t very complicated, either. Until that trip, it had never crossed my mind that I was even capable of loving a woman the way I loved her."

She went on to discuss her marriage with ex Brody Jenner, referring to him as "the most beautiful man on the planet, with a heart of gold and a tireless sense of adventure." However, she also revealed that they eventually grew apart and she sought comfort in her "friend" Cyrus, who was also going through her breakup with Liam Hemsworth.

“As my friend and I spent that August traveling through Europe together and trying to move past our respective break-ups, my first and only romance with a woman was born," she continued. "I fell just as hard for her as I had the older man so many years before. It was that same familiar force of nature; I didn’t have to think about a thing or overanalyze. It just happened and it felt exactly right."

She added, "Reflecting back on our three-year friendship, I realized I’d always been drawn to her in a way I wasn’t with other friends, but until that trip, it had never crossed my mind to think of her in a romantic sense."

“While it was short-lived, I’ll remain eternally grateful to my most recent relationship for opening my eyes to this unexplored part of myself, and for inspiring a new level of self-discovery and wonder at all the possibilities of life," she said. "I’ve been forced to get to know myself in a far deeper way than ever before, and not just in terms of my sexual preferences. I’ve also been forced to reckon with who I am as a person."

In her essay, Carter also responded to critics claiming her relationship with Cyrus was just a "summer fling" and clarified that it was definitely much more than that.

"Although the relationship with my friend was often referenced in the media as merely a ‘summer fling’ or a ‘same-sex affair,’ it was so much more than that. This was a profound journey of self-discovery. For the first time, I listened to myself, forgot about the ‘norm,’ and lived,” she added.

You can read her full essay over at Elle.com.

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