I have had some luck with my garden year after year. Well for the most part. I have only had issues growing my ghost peppers.

Maybe that is because the garden gods feel I will use those more for evil than good. I really don't think I would. I just want to see if I can grow them and see how hot they truly will end up being.

So this year in my garden I am trying my hand at the following: ghost peppers, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and

I can't wait to see how many fresh vegetables I end up with in my kitchen. Luckily I also have a great friend who I call the front porch fairy. He has a much bigger garden and always drops off all sorts of veggies on my front porch. I love getting those deliveries.

I just have a garden box that I plant my veggies in. I luckily got that box when my work was replacing all of their elevators. The parts came in several huge wooden boxes. A lot of us took one for this purpose.

I like having this raised garden because it is much easier to keep the weeds away. I also save a bag of all my kitchen scraps. Whenever I make eggs I will keep the shells in a bag. Whenever I cut up any veggies all the scraps go in the bag too. If you happen to drink coffee the used grounds can be thrown in too.

I then take that bag of goodies, before I plant my garden. and mix all the contents in the dirt for planting. It really helps with adding nutrients to the soil.

Another success I have had. Oh and my mom told me this one. I will take Epsom salt and pour it around my plants. It also gives good nutrients  and helps in the growing process. It seems to work.

If you can take advantage of all the rain that is the best for your garden. If you can set out a bucket to collect rain water to use for watering on the days without rain....your garden will thank you too.

Do you have any other tips or tricks to share? Comment below.