My animals are pretty fit.  Jasper is probably underweight, Bailey could lose a few pounds, and Astro the cat however seems to be getting chubby.  Apparently, pets across the nation are becoming more and more obese.

Our pets are quickly getting as deliciously chubby as we are.

New data has found that more than HALF of the dogs and cats in this country are now overweight or obese.

A pet is considered overweight if they're more than 15% over their ideal weight.

Obese means they're 30% above their normal weight.  And one out of five pets in this country are obese.

The main reasons are incredibly obvious:  Owners regularly overfeed their pets and don't exercise them enough.

It's a lot easier to overfeed your pet than you think, too.  Veterinarians say that giving your dog or cat even TEN extra kibbles of food a day can add up to a full pound of weight gain every year.

(Wall Street Journal)