Let me just start this off with I don't normally dress up for Halloween.  I just haven't been into dressing up for Halloween since I was a kid.  However, this year, I'm not sure what it is, but I got an idea in my head and I decided that I wanted to dress up.  It could be that for the first time in forever I have plans.  Now that I have an idea in my head what I want to dress up as, it has been quite difficult getting it put together.

In the past when it came to dressing up, I would wear a orange t-shirt and wear my jack o' lantern jewelry and call it good.  The last time I actually put on a costume I was a big bee (ugh...that was a scary sight).  So this year something changed and I thought hey, I am actually going to make an effort and put together a costume.

Now the idea I have in my head requires me to piece my costume together.  I can't just go into a Halloween store and buy it.  I can't go online and find it all together.  I can't really even find what I need here in Amarillo.  I have looked and I have had no luck.  So I turned to the internet and well...I have failed.  Why?  Apparently my size isn't my true size.  Apparently a size medium isn't a medium in online sizing.  Apparently I am a 2X or higher in the world of internet sizing.  So in the last month I have ordered three different pieces and returned three different pieces.   So I will admit, this has been a little disheartening and frustrating.  I  am running out of time and Halloween will be here soon.  I have given it one last ditch effort and when my package arrives on Monday and I try on this piece of clothing, I am hoping and praying that zipper will zip with ease and I can finish my costume.  However, it all depends on this one piece of clothing.

If this piece of clothing works then I will have a few more pieces to get and it will be perfect.  Now if this doesn't work, then I will happily walk away, find an orange shirt, and I will pull out my jack o' lantern jewelry and call it good. Maybe?

So if my costume ends up not working out, what's an easy costume to throw together on the fly?