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My Take On The Dr. Phil Interview Of Jason Collier
I told my coworkers the other day that I was going to take one for the team. I was going to subject myself to two hours of Dr. Phil. I don't usually watch his show but he was going to have Jason Collier on for an interview. You know the disgraced former Police of Chief from Stinnett. The marrie…
All Adults Eligible For Covid Vaccine Next Week
So get ready for it. The flood of Facebook photos of even more people posting that they got their Covid Vaccination. As more and more people are eligible to start getting their first round. Then of course schedule their second shot. The time is here.
Canyon Library Helping The Knitters Of The Area
So I am not a very creative person. I never have been. I know my limitations. I grew up working on those latch hook kits. You know the ones where you had a little piece of yarn and a hook. You matched the correct color to the burlap to make some yarn decoration of Tweety Bird.
Amarillo Mornings Can Be Brutal
Nothing is worse than waking up on the wrong side of the bed. That just starts your day off in the worst way possible. Those are the mornings that drivers on I40 seem to cut you off. You can't handle it. You just want to get to your job Downtown as soon and as with as little drama as possible.
The New Golden Light Gets An Opening Date
I just discovered last week that The Golden Light was looking to add a new location in Amarillo. How that is music to everyone's ears. They have their original location on Sixth Street. What a great place.
An Interesting Way To Get This Message Out In Amarillo
Remember back just a short while ago when we would get mail that invited us to birthday parties? We would get save the dates for weddings. There would be a lot of gender reveals. Then last year hit and a lot of those things were shut down. Here we are and things are starting to open up.

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