806 Health Tip: Our Eyes Are Working Even Harder
Since a lot of people have spent a lot of time working from home this past year there have been some issues. We find ourselves working longer hours. We may not move around as much. We may not have a reason to leave our make shift desk.
806 Health: How You Can Avoid Back Pain
As we get older things start to hurt. First it may be your knees. Oh and then you pulled a muscle in your back. Things just hurt. They just do. Whether it is our muscles, our joints, our necks or even our whole bodies. It is a thing.
806 Health: Anxiety Is Taking Away A Lot Of Our Joy
If 2020 showed us anything it is how stressed we are these days. We need to learn to control that but it can be hard. We are missing out on sleep. We are missing out on a lot of good for us things. We don't get out as much with our family and friends because of stress.
806 Health: Swearing Has Some Benefits
Swearing is a part of life. You definitely need to know your surroundings in order to stay out of trouble. It may not sound very professional but it happens. Swearing has become more and more acceptable though.
806 Health Tip: You Can Turn Those Failures Around
We have all been there. We start off with huge goals. Whether it is in the beginning of the year with New Years Resolutions or it's the beginning of a weight loss challenge. We start off so great and then as the time goes on we lose hope and we lose focus.

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