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Mel Gibson Is Trumping the 2017 Oscars
When the 2017 Academy Award nominees were announced this morning, the list offered the usual array of snubs and surprises — the latter of which ranged from pleasant to baffling; Moonlight picked up eight nods and a record number of black actors were nominated (Oscars #NotSoWhite this year), while Passengers picked up two nods (they just had to give that movie something, didn’t they). As expected, many of this year’s picks feel “safe”; it says something when the most divisive nominee is a musical about jazz — or is it? Maybe the Academy’s La La Land love and its increased inclusivity are distracting from the low-key elephant in the room.
This Year’s Biggest Oscar Snubs and Surprises
The full list of nominees for the 2017 Academy Awards are out, and while there’s plenty to celebrate about this year’s batch of Oscars contenders, there are also plenty of surprises. And some of those surprises are of the not-so-good kind that involved leaving out our favorite movies or filmmakers of 2016. Below, the staff of ScreenCrush picked out the biggest Oscar snubs of 2017, along with a few of the most pleasant shockers from this year’s list of nominees. The winners of all the awards will be announced on Sunday February 26 at the 89th Academy Awards.
The Worst Oscars Ever! (At Least in Terms of Hot Takes)
One of the few unquestioned highlights of this year’s Academy Awards was the live performance of Best Original Song nominee “Everything is Awesome” from The LEGO Movie. Tegan and Sara and the Lonely Island performed, Oprah got her very own LEGO Oscar, and Will Arnett moaned about darkness and no parents while wearing Val Kilmer’s Batsuit from Batman Forever. It was a great moment, but one that was totally out of touch with the spirit of the evening. According to almost every pundit and critic, everything was decidedly not awesome about the 87th Oscars.
Journey Through Oscar History With This Gallery of All 88 Best Picture Winners
This Sunday’s Oscars will be the 87th annual Academy Awards. In nearly a century of honoring Hollywood’s best, the Academy has sometimes has made some bold choices, and some dumb choices. This gallery has them all; the complete history of nine decades of Best Picture winners in pictures. Some are classics, still watched to this day. A few are almost totally forgotten to history. (Cavalcade, anyone?) But they all won. Even Crash, somehow.

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