This Week This Laugh Was Needed In Amarillo
Sometimes you just have a week. You know what I am talking about. You just need a good laugh. I got that this week and hopefully this can make you smile too. I am in no means complaining. To me it was just funny. My daughter blamed me saying my handwriting is bad.
I Just Love My FRIENDS Advent Calendar
Could it be any cooler? Probably not. I found it when I was searching online back in August. So yeah I preordered it. I have no regrets. I loved watching FRIENDS and I still watch it on Nick At Night. So why would I not want to relive all these great moments.
Potter County Wants To Make Your Christmas Merry
So of course this is the time of year that we all are shopping non stop. We run to the store for gifts. We go online to shop as well. There was Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and of course yesterday was Cyber Monday.

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