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Betty White’s ‘I’m Still Hot’ Video
A few weeks ago I had told you that Betty White teamed up with British artist Luciana to record the song I’m Still Hot, for an album for The Lifeline Program and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Los Angeles Zoo.  Well they also recorded a video for the song.  It is quite amusing.
Why We Love Betty White
Betty White, a true icon of television and movies, is one of our favorite actresses of all time. She has been in the business since 1939. She's charmed us on TV sitcoms, she's stolen our hearts on the big screen, she's helped win money for several game show contestants, and she's taken on the SNL stage in one of the best guest hosts in history. This is why we lo...
Live With Regis and Kelly Welcomed Guest Host Betty White
Betty White is just awesome.  She is funny, always on her game, let's face it, she is abundantly talented.   Betty was filling in for Kelly Ripa on Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday and she was on fire.  Betty is a pistol anyway but team her up with Regis and it is just plain funny...
Betty White: Bea Arthur Didn’t Like Me
Though their chemistry on 'The Golden Girls' was Emmy-worthy, Betty White is now claiming that co-star Bea Arthur wasn't a big fan of hers. "Bea was not that fond of me," White told Joy Behar on a recent episode of 'The Joy Behar Show.' "I don't know what I ever did, I don't know. But she was not that thrilled with me." "But I loved Bea," she added, "I admired he