Costume Ideas
So Halloween is just around the corner, which means if you haven't gotten and idea about what kind of costume you are going to wear then it's time to figure that out.  Here are some great costume ideas.
Gruesome Costumes for Kids For Sale at Walmart
It is Halloween season which means kid's are going to want a cool costume to wear to go trick or treating.  However, when is a gruesome costume age appropriate.  My son is 6 and some of the costumes available for him are not appropriate.
18 Bizarre Homemade Halloween Costumes From Etsy [PICTURES]
Etsy, in case you don't know, is basically the craft fair/flea market of the internet. Millions of people come together to sell the unique things they've handcrafted to those wishing to have something unique in their lives. And like most craft fair/flea markets, it's got a lot of cool…
Let Us Be Your Halloween Party – The Boo Ball
I recently read a survey about holiday parties.  The study said that Americans will spend more money this year planning their Halloween Parties.  They will spend an average of $450 on their Halloween parties.  Seriously, $450?  That is a lot of money.  Why spend that much money, especially with Chri…