The Nostalgia
So I found myself in a a nostalgic mood over the weekend.  I found myself in that mood when I walked into the grocery store and saw it sitting there in a big beautiful display.  It was speaking in a whisper, "buy me, you know you missed me, buy me."  It was Zima.
Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day
The Amarillo Area enjoyed a snow day.  We received over 12 inches of snow in one night.  It was a good snow.  It was one of those big fluffy snows.  So when there is snow on the ground and it is cold, it is always great to have a big cup of hot chocolate or hot cocoa, what ever y…
Christmas Apple Cider Recipes
One of the things I love about Christmas is Apple Cider.  It's warm, its cinnamany, it's applely, and just plain delicious.  Now when it comes to cider I don't go all out with the recipe.  I just use a couple of ingredients and it makes a really good cider.  So her…
What’s Your Favorite Soft Drink [POLL]
No matter what you call it, coke, soda, or pop!  We love our soft drinks.  Root Beer is my favorite soft drink.  As much as we as a population love our drinks, I'm curious as to what is everyone's favorite soft drink or as us Texans call it, coke.  Take our poll.

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